Brand Statement

When space begins to move, the world moves forward.

At Sankyo Frontier, our mission is to contribute to society through our business.
In other words, it is to foster a recycle-oriented society.


At present, excessive space creation is based on “scrapping and building”, which creates a large amount of industrial waste. This continues to exert a great burden on our environment.


Mobile Space by Sankyo Frontier aims to overturn this conventional practice, through an eco-friendly product that can be moved around and used repeatedly.


Through the widespread use of Mobile Spaces across society, we forge a path of resource efficient space creation. Through innovative urban design where buildings are “circulated”, we will continue to contribute towards building a sustainable global environment.


By moving space, we can move the world towards a happier future.
This is the Frontier that we are aiming for.


When space begins to move, the world moves forward.
Sankyo Frontier

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